I’m Michael. I’m 22 years old in the tooth, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. I wouldn’t dare to call myself an adventurer; however embedded in me is a profound passion for travelling, seeing and experiencing the world for what it has to offer. Just last year I was lucky enough to travel through the beautiful continent of Europe for 6 months give or take a few days. I’m thrilled to be a Miley Agent and can’t wait to provide you all with a taste of what my hometown Melbourne has to offer. Let’s rock n roll!

Wechat: micklesd


Hi I’m Carmela.
Looking forward to doing some great shopping for you! My specialty is local made skincare and personal items. I have a career in Real Estate and am a proud mum of 4 wonderful young boys, well men now, but they’ll always be my boys. I live in Kew; this is a suburb in Melbourne. I also love to walk and go visit the country. I would be happy to be your personal shopper and look forward to lots of happy shopping for you!



Hello, my name is Frank.
I was born and live in Melbourne and am a descendent of Italian parents with two adult boys of my own.I have an automotive industry background in customer service. I am a lover of healthy living, good food and wine (my only vice being cheese and peanuts), fashionable clothes and anything of quality and style. Drives in the country, watching Aussie rules football (Go blues) and shopping for anything of quality is what I enjoy the most. Dishonest people and things that don’t work after i have bought them are what i dislike the most. Looking forward to being of shopping service for you in our wonderful city Melbourne.



I was Born in China, and have lived in Australia since March 2017. I once worked in a state owned company in China as an internal audit, possessing CIA certificate and a master’s degree in Business Administration. Experiences both in work and academics made me a strong sense of responsibility for everything I am doing, which is a guaranty that I will finish all your orders meticulously. I love travel and have been to several different countries, and I hope to meet more new friends from all over the world. “Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow” is my motto. I believe if you can make a little bit progress every day, you can achieve a lot eventually.”